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Career Coaching

Whatever your creative dream, Mike has a system to help you turn that dream into reality.


Straight-forward steps that guarantee forward progress:

  • Making a plan

  • Identifying obstacles

  • Ending self-sabotage

  • Building a support system

  • Developing a plan for self care

  • Cultivating resources


Sounds simple enough, right?  It can be, with Mike as your coach - to hold you accountable, to offer feedback based on his years of experience, and to suggest ways to carve the big goal into manageable chunks with real, attainable deadlines.


Don't wait another minute. Contact Mike for a free consultation.  Discover the power of having a coach in your corner.

What's Your Dream?

"I have an idea for a film"

"I want regular work as an actor"

"I want a better agent"

"I want to land a feature role"

"I want to move to Los Angeles"

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